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Carrie - Off-Broadway

The musical version of Stephen King's classic novel returns.


What Is the Story of Carrie?
Set in present day Maine, Carrie explores the horrors of high school bullying and how the results can sometimes be deadly. Carrie White is the most picked on girl in school, and at home, she lives under the strict rule of her religious mother. Yet, what really sets her apart are her special telekinetic powers. Based on the Stephen King novel, the musical shows what happens when one girl is pushed too far.

Should I See It?

What Is Carrie Like?
This reworked revival of the infamous 1988 flop presents Carrie as a realistic look at bullying and religious repression. Gone are the over-the-top sets and in-your-face gore; instead this Carrie downplays the violence to explore what really drove this girl to use her supernatural powers. The production adds new songs to the existing pop-sound score, an updated book and a cast led by three-time Tony nominee Marin Mazzie and newcomer Molly Ranson.

Is Carrie Good for Kids?
No. At its core Carrie, is a horror story that will frighten little ones. The musical also features an onstage massacre as well as teenage drinking, sex and drug use.