Cinderella - Broadway

Rodgers and Hammerstein's take on the classic tale.

Laura Osnes, Santino Fontana & the Cinderella Company Celebrate a Fairy-Tale Opening Night

Cinderella-  Megan Hilty
Smash star Megan Hilty keeps in touch with her Broadway roots by checking out the latest new musical.

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Cinderella, starring Laura Osnes and Santino Fontana, officially opens at the Broadway Theatre on March 3, 2013.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Cinderella-  Laura Osnes
Cinderella-  Santino Fontana
Cinderella-  Douglas Carter Beane- Mark Brokaw- Richard Rodgers- Oscar Hammerstein II
Cinderella-  Victoria Clark- Santino Fontana- Laura Osnes- Harriet Harris- Ann Harada
Cinderella-    Santino Fontana – Laura Osnes
Cinderella-  Mark Brokaw- Douglas Carter Beane- Josh Rhodes
Cinderella-    Ann Harada – Laura Osnes- Marla Mindelle
Cinderella-    Harriet Harris- Victoria Clark
Cinderella-    Marla Mindelle- Greg Hildreth
Cinderella-  Robyn Goodman- Anjelica Huston
Cinderella-  Megan Hilty
Cinderella-  Steve Bakunas- Linda Lavin- Sarah Paulson
Cinderella-  Cheyenne Jackson
Cinderella-    Nathan Johnson- Jeremy Jordan- Laura Osnes- Ashley Spencer
Cinderella-  Cynthia Nixon
Cinderella-    Laura Osnes- Paul Wontorek
Cinderella-  Lee Wilkins-Josh Rhodes
Cinderella-  Joy Philbin- Regis Philbin
Cinderella-  Michael Urie
 Cinderella-  Joel Grey- Bernadette Peters
Cinderella-  Alessa Neeck- Andy Mills
Cinderella-  Robyn Goodman- Jill Furman- Stephen Kocis
Cinderella- Matt Bradford Sullivan -Harriet Harris-
Cinderella-  Greg Hildreth- Emily Bergl
Cinderella-   William Ivey Long- John Gore
Cinderella-  Jessica Hershberg- Santino Fontana
Cinderella-  Laura Osnes- Nathan Johnson
Cinderella-  Thomas Luke-  Victoria Clark
Cinderella-  Kristine Bendul- Jill Ambramovitz- Linda Mugleston- Laura Irion- Stephanie Gibson
Cinderella-    Chris Perfetti- Santino Fontana- Stephen Karam
Cinderella-    Greg Hildreth- family
Cinderella-  Savannah Guthrie
Cinderella-  Douglas Carter Beane- Lewis Flinn- Cooper – Emma Galina
Cinderella-  Rita Moreno
Cinderella-  Laura Osnes
Cinderella-  Paul Huntley- Harriet Harris
Cinderella-  Ann Harada- Shonica Gooden
Cinderella-  Nick Spangler – Monica
Cinderella-  T.R. Knight- Mary Louise Burke- Peter Bartlett- David Pittu
Cinderella-  Christopher Jackson- Adam Jepsen
Cinderella- David Booher VI  -Emily Winokur
Cinderella-  Andrea Burns – Cady Huffman
 Cinderella- Lin-Manuel Miranda- Luz Miranda-Crespo- Ileana Ferreras- Alex Lacamoire
Cinderella-  Phumzile Sojola- Andrea Jones-Sojola
Cinderella-  AnnaSophia Robb
Cinderella-  Joshua Harmon- Molly Ranson
Cinderella-  Henry Krieger
Cinderella-    Laura Osnes- Family
Cinderella-  Teddy Bergman-  Greg Hildreth- Ben Walker
Cinderella-    Santino Fontana – Laura Osnes
Cinderella-   Jill Cordle- Ira Mont- Kenneth Posner- Nathan Lane
Cinderella-  Reed Birney- Maggie Grace- Madeleine Martin
Cinderella-    Marla Mindelle- Kate McKinnon
Cinderella-    Laura Osnes- Jeremy Jordan
Cinderella-  Brig Berney- James Viggiano
Cinderella-    Laura Osnes- Tommy Tune- Victoria Clark
Cinderella-    Santino Fontana- family
Cinderella-  Ann Harada – Alan Morouka
Cinderella- Carly Rose Sonenclar
Cinderella-  Will Hammerstein- Ted Chapin- Nina Beaty
Cinderella-    Harriet Harris- Laura Osnes
Cinderella-  Nick Scandalios- Ric Swezey-children
Cinderella-  Heidi Giberson- Kendal Hartse
Cinderella-  Laura Osnes – Victoria Clark
Cinderella-  Robert Hartwell- Andy Jones
Cinderella-  Drew Franklin- Cody Williams
Cinderella-  Phillip Boykin – wife
Cinderella-  Mark Herzlich
Cinderella-  Natalie Hill-  Laura Osnes- Audra Wahhab
 Cinderella-  Peter Nelson- Kevin Worley
Cinderella-    Marla Mindelle- sisters
Cinderella- Santino Fontana -Nathan Lane
Cinderella-  Victoria Clark-  Mark Brokaw- Laura Osnes
Cinderella-  Jill Eikenberry - Michael Tucker
Cinderella-  Robyn Goodman- Anna Louizos
Cinderella- David Withrow- Reed Kelly
Cinderella-Nathan Lane- Santino Fontana
Cinderella- Laura Osnes
Cinderella-    Glass Slipper
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Cinderella – Broadway

Rodgers and Hammerstein's take on the classic tale.

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