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Come Fly Away - Broadway

Twyla Tharp's new dance musical featuring the music and voice of Frank Sinatra.


What Is the Story of Come Fly Away?
Come Fly Away doesn’t have much of a narrative. Instead this dance experience combines the music and original vocals of Frank Sinatra with the innovative choreography of Twyla Tharp. The loose story tells the tale of four couples at a dreamlike nightclub in different states of romance—from first flirtation to breakup jealousy—and follows their coupling and uncoupling through muscular, elegant dance.

Should I See It?

What Is Come Fly Away Like?
If you’re hooked on Dancing with the Stars, loved Burn the Floor and couldn’t get enough of Twyla Tharp’s Movin’ Out, you are in for a real treat with Come Fly Away. The iconic vocal stylings of Sinatra are highlighted by Tharp’s ability to conceive of specific characters for her performers using no dialogue—just movement. She also created an arc to the evening: the first blush or romance at dusk evolves into a frenzied night of passion and awakens to a fresh dawn.

Is Come Fly Away Good for Kids?
Tharp’s choreography can be sexually suggestive and the premise is more suitable for mature taste, but if your child (especially ‘tweens and older) love dance, they will be thrilled by this show. It may also introduce them to the wonderful music of Sinatra—something probably not currently found on their iPods.