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The Common Pursuit - Off-Broadway

Roundabout Theatre Company presents Simon Gray's drama.


What Is the Story of The Common Pursuit?
Set at Cambridge University, The Common Pursuit is the story of Stuart, a student who hopes to start a literary magazine. Stuart appoints himself as the editor and invites his five friends to help: Marigold, his girlfriend; Nick, an aspiring theater critic; Humphry, an aspiring philosophy professor; Martin, an aspiring publisher; and Peter, who aspires to sleep with lots of women. The play spans 20 years, chronicling the lives of these six unlikely friends as their careers and lives progress.

Should I See It?

What Is The Common Pursuit Like?
Simon Gray’s 1984 British play is a comedy-drama hybrid following the lives of six intellectuals as they progress from young adulthood into middle age. Set against the scholarly backdrop of Cambridge University, The Common Pursuit observes the joyful, heart-wrenching and downright wacky moments of these six literary buffs. Larger-than-life characters Nick (Lucas Near-Verbrugghe) and Peter (Kieran Campion) balance out the more introspective Stuart (Josh Cooke), who struggles to hold both his magazine and his marriage together. The years pass subtly and seamlessly in director Moises Kaufman's absorbing production as the characters age and experience job promotions, lost love and death.

Is The Common Pursuit Good For Kids?
The Common Pursuit contains adult language and references to sex and adultery. Although most of these references are likely to go over your child’s head, the plot details probably will, too. It’s best to see The Common Pursuit with adult friends and leave young children at home. Older teens with an interest in literature may enjoy the play.