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Dead Accounts - Broadway

Katie Holmes and Norbert Leo Butz star in Theresa Rebeck's new comedy.


What Is the Story of Dead Accounts?
Dead Accounts tells the story of a crafty New Yorker named Jack, who arrives at his Midwestern home in the middle of the night, greeted by his sister Lorna with a raised eyebrow and a lot of questions. Why is he eating exorbitant amounts of ice cream and pizza? Where is his wife, a woman the whole family despises? And where did he get all of this money? Jack’s sister, mother and childhood best friend try to dig up answers just as quickly as Jack tries to bury them in Theresa Rebeck’s biting new comedy.

Should I See It?

What Is Dead Accounts Like?
Dead Accounts is a comedy that asks the question: What does it mean to go home? At a swift two hours, the show is grounded in physical and situational comedy by Tony winner Norbert Leo Butz and strong performances from the supporting cast that includes screen stars Katie Holmes and Judy Greer. The cast brings to life the naturalistic dialogue of playwright Theresa Rebeck, making Dead Accounts a play that packs a powerful emotional punch as it explores the idea of family, greed, religion and small-town values.

Is Dead Accounts Good for Kids?
Not really. In addition to some fleeting expletives, the show features adult themes and conversations that don’t exactly match up with what you’d want or expect for family night at the theater.