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The Divine Sister - Off-Broadway


What Is the Story of The Divine Sister?
The Divine Sister follows a group of nuns in a Pittsburgh convent, struggling to keep their parish alive. The church’s Mother Superior seeks the financial aid of a local rich Jewish woman who harbors a dark secret. Back at the church, the head nun must also deal with an old flame hoping to rekindle their romance, a young postulant who claims she has visions of God and a suspicious nun sent to the convent from Germany.

Should I See It?

What Is The Divine Sister Like?
Camp master Charles Busch is at the top of his game here with his signature drag diva antics. The show lovingly spoofs nun films from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s and jokingly mimics their often melodramatic style. Much of the comedy is bawdy and lewd, while the actors manage to contort their faces into every imaginable over-the-top expression.

Is The Divine Sister Good for Kids?
This is one church children should not visit. The show’s topics range from the discussion of genitalia size to abortion and stigmata. Children will likely not have enough knowledge of the classic films the show mocks to truly appreciate the humor.