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Don't Dress For Dinner - Broadway

Marc Camoletti's sequel to the French sex farce Boeing-Boeing.


What Is the Story of Don’t Dress for Dinner?
Don’t Dress For Dinner centers around Bernard and Jacqueline, a not-so-happily married couple, both of whom are having extramarital affairs. As Jacqueline prepares to go out of town to visit her mother, Bernard invites his mistress and Robert, his best friend (and also Jacqueline’s lover, unbeknownst to Bernard), over for the weekend. He’s even hired a Cordon Bleu chef to cater the evening. Jacqueline discovers Robert is coming to town and cancels her trip, causing Bernard to panic. When Robert arrives, Bernard asks him to pretend Suzanne is Robert’s mistress. Robert mistakes the chef (Suzette), for Bernard’s mistress (Suzanne), producing a highly complicated dinner of hilarious hijinks, secret trysts and slapstick comedy.

Should I See It?

What Is Don’t Dress For Dinner Like? 
The English translation of Marc Camoletti’s French sex comedy, originally titled Pyjamas Pour Six, is a fast-paced farce complete with scandalous affairs, spilled drinks and sexy costume changes aplenty. Set in a renovated French farmhouse two hours outside of Paris, director John Tillinger’s production features a talented ensemble cast of physical comedians who transform a simple dinner into a sexy and hysterical six-ring circus.

Is Don’t Dress For Dinner Good For Kids?
No. Although the world of Don’t Dress For Dinner is cartoonish, it’s also chockful of sexual innuendos, parodied sex acts and adultery. The suggestive dialogue is no bawdier than a PG-13 movie, but it's best to hire a sitter and see the sexy romp with your friends, spouse, or secret lover—not your little ones.