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Elling TICKETS - Broadway


— Denis O'Hare and Brendan Fraser star in Simon Bent's adaptation of the film and novels of the same name.


Set in the current day, Elling is a comedy about a wildly mismatched pair of roommates trying to embrace life, love, friendship, pizza, poetry and women. Both Elling and Kjell are patients in a mental hospital—Elling suffers from acute anxiety following his mother's death, while Kjell is a childlike 40-year-old eager to lose his virginity. The two become roommates and face the challenge of establishing a normal life when released from the institution.

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What Is Elling Like?
The show takes place on a fairly minimal set with the actors frequently moving around furniture to change scenes. While the characters suffer from differing mental illnesses, the play is full of offbeat humor that examines their friendship and how the two men help each other ...

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Ethel Barrymore Theatre
243 West 47th Street New York, NY