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Empire - Off-Broadway

Spiegelworld's traveling carnival arrives in Times Square.


What Is the Story of  Spiegelworld’sEmpire?
Spiegelworld’s Empire does not follow the linear structure of a play or a musical. The show is meant to resemble a circus with two clowns who come out to entertain audiences between death-defying acrobatic acts.

Should I See It?

What Is Spiegelworld’sEmpire Like?
Empire offers a funny, sexy, 90-minute alternative to the other circuses in town. The show is designed to feel like it has been plucked out of the film Moulin Rouge. In addition to jaw-dropping stunts and hilarious audience participation, Empire features some of the most erotic and acrobatic sexual situations on any stage. Audiences especially enjoy the hilarious buffoonery of the show’s two clowns, a raunchy married couple who run the circus.

Is Spiegelworld’s Empire Good for Kids?
Definitely not. This circus show features nudity, adult language and sexual situations.