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The Explorers Club - Off-Broadway

Manhattan Theatre Club presents a new madcap comedy by Nell Benjamin.


What Is the Story of The Explorers Club?
Set in London in 1879, The Explorers Club is the story of the brilliant Phyllida Spotte-Hume and her bid to be the first female member of the exclusive Explorers Club. Nell Benjamin’s new madcap comedy addresses exclusion and prejudice, and features the farcical adventures of a group of London-based male explorers (many of whom have never actually discovered anything) who search for escaped cobras and threaten to unleash an international war.

Should I See It?

What is The Explorers Club Like?
Witty wisecracks and uproarious pratfalls take place at The Explorers Club, a Victorian men's club with oriental rugs, animal heads, skins and tusks, shrunken heads, spears and swords. The top-notch ensemble cast includes Carson Elrod as a blue-painted native from the Lost City, Jennifer Westfeldt as an explorer who would like to become the club’s first woman member, Lorenzo Pisoni as a clumsy, lovesick botanist, David Furr as the club's none-too-bright president and John McMartin as an absurd professor who almost causes an international incident. The humor isn't always politically correct, but it's definitely fun to watch!

Is The Explorers Club Good for Kids?
The Explorers Club is walloping good fun. Some of the humor may be too high-minded for young children, but teenagers will enjoy the jokes, spectacular set and costumes.