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Falling - Off-Broadway

Julia Murney stars in this new autism drama.

Julia Murney, Daniel Everidge and the Cast of Falling Soar on Opening Night

Falling- Andy Mientus- Julia Murney- Claybourne Elder
Julia Murney has all the luck! Here she is in an Andy Mientus/Claybourne Elder sandwich. Little known fact: All three live in the same building; they call it “The Flop House.”

About This Gallery

Deanna Jent's Falling opens off-Broadway at the Minetta Lane Theatre on October 15, 2012.

Photographer: Jenny Anderson, ©

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Falling - Jacey Powers- Daniel Everidge- Julia Murney- Daniel Pearce- Celia Howard
Falling- Julia Murney
Falling- Celia Howard- Daniel Pearce- Daniel Everidge- Jacey Powers- Julia Murney
Falling- Deanna Jent- Lori Adams
Falling- Julia Murney- Daniel Everidge
Falling- Alex Wyse-Andy Mientus
Falling- Deanna Jent and Family
Falling- Julia Murney
Falling- Jacey Powers- Terry Schnuck- Daniel Everidge
Falling- Lori Adams- Julia Murney
Falling- Daniel Everidge – Jonathan Judge-Russo
Falling- Daniel Pearce- Julia Murney
Falling- Andy Mientus- Julia Murney- Claybourne Elder
Falling-  Lori Adams-Celia Howard- Terry Schnuck- Daniel Pearce- Julia Murney -Daniel Everidge- Jacey Powers- Deanna Jent