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F#%king Up Everything - Off-Broadway

Max Crumm headlines this new rock musical that takes place on the indie music scene.

Sorry, this show has closed.


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What is the Story of F#%king Up Everything?
F#%king Up Everything is a classic boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy works to win girl back story—only here, the boy in question is a dorky children’s puppeteer Christian Schwartzelberg and the lady in question is an equally unique singer-songwriter Juliana. Through the course of the musical, seven young characters fall in love, bed-hop and partner-switch until each finds his/her perfect love.

Should I See It?

What Is F#%king Up Everything Like?
Billed as a rock comedy and set in 2013 Brooklyn, F#%king Up Everything is a fun, contemporary musical. The 100-minute-long show is set in bars, parks and bedrooms through hip New York borough aand features a superior original score. Composer and lyricist David Eric Davis crafted killer rock anthems, sweet romantic duets and classic musical character solos that both pop fans and theater fans can enjoy.  F#%king Up Everything also benefits from lovable performances by its young cast.

Is F#%king Up Everything Good for Kids?
No, don’t bring your children to a show with f#%king in the title. The play features adult language, graphic sexual situations and drug and alcohol use. The musical is great for older teens and twenty-somethings, but not kids.