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Golden Boy - Broadway

Lincoln Center Theater presents a revival of Clifford Odets' classic


What Is the Story of Golden Boy?
Clifford Odets' Golden Boy first premiered on Broadway in 1937. This drama follows Joe Bonaparte, the son of Italian immigrants living in New York City, who dreams of fame, fortune and a better life and decides that he will achieve those dreams through professional boxing. The only problem is Joe is a violin prodigy who could lose it all if he damages his hands. Another hitch: Joe's protective father disapproves of his new lifestyle. Will Joe be able to have it all—including love with the lovely Lorna Moon—or will he the compromises be too great?

Should I See It?

What Is Golden Boy Like?
Directed by Tony winner Bartlett Sher, Golden Boy brings all the gritty beauty of 1930s New York City to life. The three-act saga has a classic feel as it sets up the choices faced by the working-class title character, played by War Horse alum Seth Numrich. Odets' writing remains as poignant as it was when the show premiered 75 years ago (in the Belasco Theatre, where the revival is also playing), and the  ending packs an emotional wallop. Lincoln Center Theater's revival features moving performances by its large ensemble of actors, notably Tony Shalhoub in the role of Mr. Bonaparte. Golden Boy is a fulfilling night out for fans of sweeping drama. 

Is Golden Boy Good for Kids?
As one could imagine, this boxing drama gets pretty bloody. In addition to the violence, the play deals with some complicated adult themes and relationships. It's better to leave the little ones home and enjoy Golden Boy as a date night.