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Good People - Broadway

Tate Donovan and Frances McDormand star in the world premiere of David Lindsay-Abaire's comedy.


What Is the Story of Good People?
Good People centers on Margie, a hard-luck single mother living in a shabby South Boston apartment with her disabled adult daughter. As the play begins, Margie loses her cashier job at the local Dollar Store and quickly finds herself facing eviction by her prickly landlady. A friend suggests a solution: Margie should get in touch with her old flame Mike, who escaped the neighborhood, married a much younger woman and became a successful doctor. The old friends’ reunion after 30 years unlocks memories and resentments that neither has been able to escape.

Should I See It?

What Is Good People Like?
This new play by Pulitzer Prize winner David Lindsay-Abaire provides a fascinating look at the divide between working-class people living a hand-to-mouth existence and those who manage to “move up” to a more financially secure life. Margie and Mike, played by Oscar winner Frances McDormand and TV regular Tate Donovan, vie for the audience’s sympathy in scenes set in their respective homes, as well as around Margie’s South Boston neighborhood. The play offers plenty of laughs, particularly in scenes involving Margie and her neighbors (including Oscar winner Estelle Parsons). Good People has all the elements for a great night out on Broadway: a thought-provoking yet funny script, fine acting and a top-notch production from Manhattan Theatre Club.

Is Good People Good for Kids?
Although there’s nothing objectionable in the script of Good People, the play’s subject matter is of interest to older teens and adults only.