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Grace - Broadway

Paul Rudd and Michael Shannon star in Craig Wright's suspense.


What Is the Story of Grace?
Grace is darkly funny story of Steve and Sara, a bright-eyed married couple who move to a condo in Florida to pursue Steve’s lifelong dream of opening Crossroads Inns, a chain of gospel motels. An overseas investor has promised the young entrepreneur millions of dollars, and since Steve is a devout Christian, he has complete faith that the transaction will go through—even though he’s been waiting for the payment for several months. Sara, who is tired of being cooped up alone in the condo all day, strikes up an unlikely friendship with Sam, a cantankerous, reclusive neighbor who has been injured in a car accident. As Steve’s plans go awry and his beliefs are challenged by an opinionated exterminator, he must decide if faith is truly enough…or if he needs to take more drastic measures.

Should I See It?

What Is Grace Like?
Craig Wright’s new play is naturalistic, but its design elements transcend time and space. Although Grace takes place in two identical condos, the action in each one occurs on stage at the same time using only one condo set. As the lives of Sam, Sara and Steve overlap, a moving platform rotates the set in a slow, nearly imperceptible circle throughout the course of the play. Scenes are rewound, slowed down, and performed again as Steve, Sara and Sam struggle to accept the permanence of the decisions they’ve made.

Is Grace Good For Kids?
No. Although there is no nudity or simulated drug use, Grace contains disturbing graphic violence and adult language that is inappropriate for young children. The production may be a good choice for older, mature teens—see Grace first to determine whether the adult subject matter is appropriate.