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Hair - Broadway

The American tribal love-rock musical comes back to Broadway.


Set in an East Village park in 1967, Hair is the musical story of a group of hippies who celebrate peace and love in the shadow of the Vietnam War. The loose plotline centers on Berger, the charismatic leader of the “tribe,” and Claude, a sweet-natured guy from Queens who’s about to be drafted. Other memorable characters include Berger’s war protester girlfriend Sheila, lovable flower child Crissy, Mick Jagger fan Woof, Claude’s straight-laced parents and many more. But the real star of Hair is the rocking score, which includes such classic hits as “Let the Sun Shine In,” “Aquarius” and “Good Morning Starshine.”

Should I See It?

What Is Hair Like?
The revival of Hair began in Central Park, and the Broadway transfer manages to maintain the looseness and joyfulness that made it a must-see event. The young cast of 26 manages to be all over the place during the show—climbing ladders into the boxes, cavorting in the aisles (get ready for some all-in-fun interaction if you’re on the front row or on an end seat in the orchestra) and dancing and singing up a storm, backed by a fabulous onstage band. Whether you’re a Baby Boomer who can remember the music from the show’s first go-round or the next generation, get ready for some old-school ‘60s-style grooviness.

Is Hair Good for Kids?
Though the rock score makes Hair seem like a fun musical for youngsters, it’s not a “family show.” A full-frontal nude scene ends Act One, and the dialogue and songs include lighthearted (and profanity-laced) references to drug use and a variety of sex acts. Parents should use their own judgment.