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Here Lies Love - Off-Broadway

The Public Theater presents this world premiere musical by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim.


What Is the Story of Here Lies Love?
Here Lies Love tells the story of Filipina First Lady Imelda Marcos and her meteoric rise to fame…followed by her rapid decline into infamy. The show chronicles Marcos’ transformation from a young dreamer to a nationally recognized ruler, charting her marriage to despot Ferdinand Marcos and her romance with opposition leader Ninoy Aquino.

Should I See It?

What Is Here Lies Love Like?
Here Lies Love is a wholly immersive theatrical experience featuring moving sets and a 360-degree scenic and video environment. Set in a pulsating dance club atmosphere, the show requires audience members to remain on their feet and be open to dancing and singing along with the actors in the 90-minute sung-through musical (written by the intriguing team of David Byrne and Fatboy Slim). Balcony seating is also available for theatergoers who want to watch but not participate.

Is Here Lies Love Good for Kids?
Audience members spend 90 minutes on their feet (no sitting breaks!) so if your children are up for the challenge, they might relish the opportunity to dance and wiggle along with the actors, even if the show’s politically charged story goes over their heads.