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High - Broadway

Kathleen Turner stars as a foul-mouted alcoholic nun in this new drama.

Sorry, this show has closed.


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What Is the Story of High?
High centers on Sister Jamison Connelly, a less-than-traditional nun who found her faith and calling later in life and now works with drug addicts in a Catholic rehab center. At the insistence of her superior, Father Michael Delpapp, Connelly takes on a 19-year-old addict named Cody Randall who has spent all of his young life hustling to survive. Her own history of alcoholism and personal tragedy unfolds as Connelly struggles to help Randall, and through everything they all try and come to grips with issues of faith, guilt and personal forgiveness.

Should I See It?

What Is High Like?
This three-hander takes place on a spare, white set, where the mostly two-person scenes are interspersed with audience-directed monologues from Sister Jamison. Given the subject matter, it’s no surprise that this is not an easy play to watch, but Sister Jamison’s hilarious frankness and refusal to abstain from swearing add surprising moments of humor to this otherwise heavy and heart-wrenching evening.

Is High Good for Kids?
This play serves up a powerful cocktail of colorful language, drug references, themes of abuse and abandonment and full frontal nudity. This is not a show for kids.