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The Jammer - Off-Broadway

Atlantic Theater Company presents Rolin Jones' play about roller derbies in 1950s Brooklyn.


What Is the Story of The Jammer?
Jack Lovington decides to leave his fiancée and the life he has known in 1950s Brooklyn behind to pursue his dream of becoming a professional roller derby star, despite the disapproval of his local priest. But Lovington isn’t quite prepared for the crazy characters, sexual escapades and underhanded dealings that are commonplace in the world of this rollicking sport. Will Jack find his place on the road, or will the pull of his life and love back in Brooklyn win his heart in the end? 

Should I See It?

What Is The Jammer Like?
This 90-minute romp is not flashy and does not feature big sets or special effects, but it boasts plenty of heart. Rolin Jones’ script is filled with laugh out loud moments and jaw-dropping highjinks. The show is driven by a very talented ensemble, led by Patch Darragh, and benefits from creative directing by Jason Gay. Though no actors actually skate, the production uses clever choreography to simulate skaters' movement in the roller derby. If you can accept that some of the play’s characters are portrayed by life-sized cardboard cutouts, chances are you’ll enjoy the truly original world of The Jammer.

Is The Jammer Good for Kids?
Due to the adult language and sexual situations, this show is not for kids. However, adult audiences will be as giddy as children by the end of this madcap production.