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Keep Your Pantheon and School

Two unrelated plays by David Mamet.

Sorry, this show has closed.


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Should I See It?

What Are Keep Your Pantheon and School Like?
Fans of David Mamet, don't come looking for his signature satires or expletive-laced examinations of current social issues. School and Keep Your Pantheon are both pieces of light comedic fare, easily digested and enjoyed by a wide variety of theatergoers. However, while this pair of plays may be more accessible than some of the s cribe's better-known works, neither should be written off as fluff. School indulges Mamet's critical side while highlighting his mastery of the English language, and Keep Your Pantheon is the sort of perfectly structured farce that would have Zero Mostel chomping at the bit for a shot at the lead role. Both plays move along quickly, meaning you'll be in and out of the theater in a breezy 90 minutes. 

Are Keep Your Pantheon and School Good for Kids?
Mamet has eschewed cursing and violence in favor of witty banter, but he's still David Mamet--meaning this is hardly children's theater. Since both shows are rooted in clever wordplay and situational humor, the big laughs are likely to go over the heads of younger viewers, and long sections of dialogue will probably have the tiniest tots squirming in their seats with boredom. Parents should also be warned that while the language is friendly, sexual themes and conversations about homosexuality are a running gag throughout Keep Your Pantheon. That being said, both shows are ultimately as innocuous as your average TV sitcom (and paced similarly), so teens and above will have no problem yukking it up from the audience.