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The Last Five Years - Off-Broadway

Second Stage Theatre presents the off-Broadway revival of Jason Robert Brown's musical.


What is the Story of The Last Five Years?
Jason Robert Brown’s popular 2001 musical The Last Five Years tells the story of two twenty-somethings who fall in love—and out of it again—over the course of a five year relationship. Jamie, an up-and-coming writer, struggles to balance his sudden success with his increasingly tumultuous love life, while Cathy, an aspiring actress, deals with the frustrations of her own stalled career while watching her husband from the sidelines. Jamie tells his side of the tale in chronological order, while Cathy relives the relationship backwards, with both stories intersecting in the middle, on their wedding day. The musical features memorable songs “Still Hurting,” “Shiksa Goddess,” “The Next Ten Minutes,” “Goodbye Until Tomorrow” and more.

Should I See It?

What is The Last Five Years Like?
Exploring their love story mostly through song, stars Adam Kantor (Jamie) and Betsy Wolfe (Cathy) are accompanied by a small ensemble of strings, guitar, bass and piano in a revival directed by composer Brown. The Last Five Years’ intimate Second Stage setting, imaginative design, gorgeous melodies and tender love story create a bittersweet evening at the theater that is not to be missed.

Is The Last Five Years Good For Kids?
With a runtime of only 90 minutes and no intermission, The Last Five Years is a great choice for teens. Younger children are likely to be bored by the musical’s subject matter, and profanity is used several times throughout the production, so leave little ones with a babysitter.