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A Little Night Music - Broadway

Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch star in Sondheim's classic musical.


Set at the turn of the last century, A Little Night Music interweaves a tangled web of former and current lovers among the upper crust elite of Sweden. Esteemed lawyer Fredrik Egerman has recently married a young virgin, Anne, whom his son, Henrik, has also fallen madly in love. Fredrik’s dedication to his blushing bride is tested when he reunites with a former flame, the famed (and fading) actress Desiree Armfeldt. Things grow more complicated when her jealous (and married) lover Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm gets wind of the reunion. The coupling and uncoupling comes to a head when Desirée convinces her mother to host Fredrik and his family for a weekend on her lavish country estate—and the Count, with wife in tow, crashes the party.

Should I See It?

What is A Little Night Music Like?
Considered one of composer Stephen Sondheim’s best works, A Little Night Music boasts a sweeping, score. Highly stylized (this is a musical costume drama), the production does slow down in certain scenes—which needn’t be a bad thing, since audiences can take the time to listen for introspective, evocative lyrics about love and relationships that are easy to relate to. Don’t let operatic waltzes or stuffy corsets scare you away, however; the tuner still showcases plenty of laughs and sex appeal.

Is A Little Night Music Good for Kids?
Considering its near-three hour run time and the fact that the show’s largely about relations (coital, post-coital and otherwise), it’s best to leave the little ones at home. However, only one illicit rendezvous occurs onstage (and even that one is pretty chaste) and there’s nary a bad word or violent moment to be found, so if your youngster is able to pay attention to grown-up situations, they will find themselves in safe hands.