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Luce - Off-Broadway

Lincoln Center Theater presents the world premiere of JC Lee's drama.


What Is the Story of Luce?
Luce tells the story of Amy and Peter, two suburban, middle-class parents who are shocked to discover that their 17-year-old son Luce could be in some real trouble at school. Usually a model student and star football player, Luce has something disconcerting in his locker, and his teacher warns his parents that their son's education could hang in the balance. His parents, not sure what to do, try to keep it a secret from their son, because Luce isn’t exactly an ordinary kid—adopted from the Congo as a child, he’s become a local superstar despite his rocky upbringing. But when Luce discovers his parents are hiding a secret from him and begins to act out, Amy and Peter must decide whether to trust their own son or his teacher.

Should I See It?

What Is Luce Like?
Featuring a sleek set by Tim Mackabee, Luce effortlessly transforms the Claire Tow Theatre into a high school classroom, a suburban living room, a Starbucks, and back again. Directed by May Adrales, the new drama by young playwright JC Lee is equal parts haunting and hilarious, featuring an ensemble cast of talented stage veterans and two bright new young stars, Okieriete Onaodowan as Luce and Olivia Oguma as his friend Stephanie. Luce explores the lengths parents go through to help their children succeed and the pressure those children feel to achieve perfection.

Is Luce Good For Kids?
Luce is a great option for older teenagers, who are likely to identify with Luce’s struggles to succeed at school. Although this is a quick evening at the theater with no intermission, younger children might be bored (and also frightened during a loud moment in the show), so it’s best to hire a babysitter for this one.