The Lying Lesson - Off-Broadway

Atlantic Theater Company presents the world premiere of Craig Lucas' new comedy.


What Is the Story of The Lying Lesson?
The Lying Lesson takes place in a coastal town in Maine in 1981. Legendary film star Bette Davis arrives at a small cottage she intends to purchase for retirement. During her first night there, she runs into local Missy Bodine. The two strike up a friendship, and Davis allows herself to become dependent on the down-on-her-luck, awkward young gal; that is until Davis realizes Missy is not who claims to be. As more time passes and more information comes to light, the audience is left wondering: who exactly is lying to whom.

Should I See It?

What Is The Lying Lesson Like?
The latest play by acclaimed dramatist Craig Lucas is a two-act, two-hour piece that is best described as part comedy, part thriller. The two-hander stars  Wicked and Annie Hall vet Carol Kane as Bette Davis and newcomer Mickey Sumner as the mysterious Missy Bodine. The play takes several twists and turns, and things aren’t always as they appear, which keeps the audience engaged. Kane’s brilliant performance is a real treat for Davis fans, and references to Davis’ iconic films are peppered throughout the play.

Is The Lying Lesson Good for Kids?
This is not really a children’s show. There are loud noises, guns, liquor and some colorful language.

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