The Lyons - Broadway

Linda Lavin stars in the Broadway premiere of Nicky Silver’s family comedy

Join the Opening Night Family Gathering of The Lyons, With Linda Lavin & Co.

Lyons opening – cast
The cast of The Lyons takes a bow on opening night: Brenda Pressley, Michael Esper, Linda Lavin, Dick Latessa, Kate Jennings Grant and Gregory Wooddell.

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The cast of The Lyons celebrates opening night on October 11, 2011.

Photographer: Jenny Anderson, ©

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Lyons opening – cast
Lyons opening – Linda Lavin
Lyons opening – Dick Latessa
Lyons opening – Michael Esper
Lyons opening - Kate Jennings Grant
Lyons opening – Gregory Wooddell
Lyons opening – Brenda Pressley
Lyons opening – Hunter Bell – Michael Berresse
Lyons opening – Emily Bergl
Lyons opening – John Kander
Lyons opening - Linda Lavin
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