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Man and Boy - Broadway

Tony winner Frank Langella stars in the Broadway revival of Terence Rattigan's drama.


What Is the Story of Man and Boy?
It is the mid-1930s and Gregor Antonescu, a world famous Romanian financier credited with rescuing Europe in the days after World War I, has made headlines again. Only this time, the ruthless Antonescu is facing a scandal that could cause him both personal and financial ruin. In order to escape the wolves at his door, he tracks down his estranged son at his Greenwich Village apartment and plays upon his deep-seated desire for a relationship with his father to get what he wants. Antonescu sets up a meeting at the apartment, in a last ditch effort to convince an influential American businessman, by whatever means necessary, to go through with a career-saving deal.

Should I See It?

What Is Man and Boy Like?
Subtle manipulation is the name of the game for Gregor Antonescu, so the slightest glance, or touch of a shoulder carries enormous significance in this play. A charismatic figure, by turns charming and brutal, he is the planet around which all the other characters orbit, from his son to his right-hand man, his much younger wife and business associates. Watching him bend these people to his will is the sport of the evening.

Is Man and Boy Good for Kids?
While the sexual innuendo is laid on pretty thick, the objectionable content ends there—unless you consider a character that is ruthless and essentially amoral, like Antonescu, objectionable. Without giving too much away, the crux of the piece deals with issues of sexuality, but kids are unlikely to pick up on it. That being said, the subtle sexual dramas and underhanded financial maneuverings of a corrupt man probably aren’t the most enticing topics for children.

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