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Marry Me a Little - Off-Broadway

The Keen Company presents this revue of lesser known Sondheim songs.


What Is the Story of Marry Me a Little?
Marry Me a Little is a story of two young New Yorkers who find themselves home alone in their studio apartments one Saturday night. With the exception of a distant piano player, these two lovelorn tenants are left to their own devices to entertain themselves and revisit their past heartbreaks. Both romantics sing of their love for love, yearning for a better half but never realizing that their soul mate could be just one floor away.

Should I See It?

What Is Marry Me a Little Like?
Marry Me a Little is a completely sung-through musical (there is no dialogue) featuring songs by Stephen Sondheim, many of which were cut from his other shows. Lauren Molina and Jason Tam rarely leave the stage, dancing around their apartment set as they croon to themselves and one another. Backed only by a piano, the show moves quickly from song to song, and at just 70 minutes, Marry Me a Little is a swift and entertaining night at the theater.

Is Marry Me a Little Good for Kids?
At 70 minutes (with no intermission), Marry Me a Little is kid-friendly in length, but contains some limited sexual innuendo (mostly during two songs, “Can That Boy Foxtrot” and “Bang!”) that may or may not go over a child’s head. That said, the show is geared towards adults and doesn’t contain flashy musical numbers to keep kids from squirming. Unless your children can relate to being lovelorn on a Saturday night in New York City, this may not be as entertaining for them as it is for adults.