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The Merchant of Venice TICKETS - Broadway

The Merchant of Venice

— Al Pacino stars on Broadway in Shakespeare's classic.


In Shakespeare's classic comedy, Antonio is a young man who pledges a pound of his own flesh to a moneylender, Shylock (played by Oscar winner Al Pacino), so a friend can woo his lady-love in style. Antonio learns a hard lesson in loyalty, humanity, friendship and prejudice when the revenge-seeking Shylock comes to collect and he is unable to pay.

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What Is The Merchant of Venice Like?
Merchant is one of those hard to categorize Shakespeare plays: not truly a tragedy, but pretty dark for a comedy. Luckily, this energetic production keeps the show from getting bogged down too heavily in any potential morality lessons. As the play’s Jewish character ...

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Broadhurst Theatre
235 West 44th Street New York, NY