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The Mound Builders - Off-Broadway

Signature Theatre Company presents the off-Broadway revival of Lanford Wilson's drama.


What Is the Story of The Mound Builders?
Set in the mid ‘70s, The Mound Builders tells the story of Professor August Howe and Dr. Dan Loggins, a team of archaeologists who rent a house for the summer in Blue Shoals, Illinois, in hopes of uncovering the mysteries of the area’s prior inhabitants. Along for the ride are August’s photographer wife Cynthia, eccentric novelist sister Delia and precocious daughter Kirsten, as well as Dan’s gynecologist wife Jean, who is pregnant. When Chad Jasker, the socially awkward son of the landlord, begins to stir up trouble, the entire house is pulled into the chaos. Just when the team is making headway with the excavation, a traumatic event occurs that will change all of their lives forever.

Should I See It?

What Is The Mound Builders Like?
The Mound Builders takes place entirely in the rented summer home of August and Dan—while August spends most of his time working, Dan drinks and smokes pot with his housemates after hours. Through a series of evening conversations, Delia, Jean and Dan bond, while Cynthia’s behavior becomes increasingly strange. Featuring striking and ominous lighting design by Rui Rita, this gripping revival excavates the mysteries of each member of the household in Lanford Wilson's breakthrough 1975 drama.

Is The Mound Builders Good For Kids?
No. The Mound Builders includes several depictions of drug use and references to sexual acts. Unless your older teen is fascinated by archaeology or '70s culture, The Mound Builders is best suited for adults.