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Murder For Two - Off-Broadway

A new musical comedy that mixes in a dash of Agatha Christie!


What is the Story of Murder For Two?
In a wacky and humorous mash-up of classic murder mysteries and old-school musical theater, Murder For Two tells the story of Officer Marcus Moscowicz, an aspiring detective who attempts to solve the murder of a prolific novelist in hopes that he’ll be promoted at work. While investigating the crime, Marcus meets 13 zany suspects, all played by one actor. From the bespectacled wife of the victim to the victim’s gruff, cigar-smoking therapist, Marcus must get to know the suspects and make sense of their wild stories in order to solve the crime.

Should I See It?

What is Murder For Two Like?
Murder For Two is an innovative tribute to classic murder mystery novels, featuring a witty, fast-paced script and a score of catchy songs. (Both actors accompany themselves on the piano throughout the performance.) Featuring a clever use of sound effects, lighting, audience participation, pantomime and props, Murder For Two has all of the energy and spectacle of a larger-scale production. Running 90 minutes with no intermission, Murder For Two is currently playing at New World Stages — Stage 5.

Is Murder For Two Good For Kids?
Older kids and teens will get a kick out of the crazy antics of Murder For Two, but it’s likely to go over the heads of children under the age of 8.