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The Nance TICKETS - Broadway

The Nance

— Nathan Lane returns to Broadway in Lincoln Center Theater’s production of Douglas Carter Beane’s new play.


In the world of 1930’s burlesque, a nance was a wildly popular character, a stereotypically camp homosexual man, most times played by a straight performer. In The Nance, playwright Douglas Carter Beane tells the story of Chauncey Miles, a headline nance performer in New York burlesque, who also happens to be a homosexual. Integrating burlesque sketches into his drama, Beane paints, with humor and pathos, the portrait of a homosexual man, living and working in the secretive and dangerous gay world of 1930’s New York, whose outrageous antics on the burlesque stage stand in marked contrast to his messy offstage life.

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What Is The Nance Like?
As written by Douglas Carter Beane and directed by three-time Tony winner Jack O’Brien, The Nance is a unique play that juxtaposes kitchen sink drama with colorful, fun and hilarious burlesque sketches. The show features several original songs (though it is not a traditional musical ...

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Lyceum Theatre
149 West 45th Street New York, NY