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The New York Idea - Off-Broadway

The world premiere of David Auburn's adaptation of Langdon Mitchell's 1906 comedy.

Sorry, this show has closed.


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Set in 1906, The New York Idea follows Cynthia, a recently divorced woman who plans to remarry wealthy lawyer and fellow divorcee Philip. When Cynthia learns her ex-husband John has lost his fortune and plans to sell her prized horse to Philip’s ex-wife, the flamboyant Vida, she begrudgingly calls on Vida to try to convince her not to buy the animal. The group soon finds themselves tangled in arguments and banter on the day of John and Cynthia’s wedding, and it soon becomes apparent that past romantic feelings may have not completely disappeared.

Should I See It?

What Is The New York Idea Like?
The quickly paced comedy frequently finds the characters exchanging witty quips as they argue back and forth. Their impulsive decisions are often juxtaposed by the reactions of their elderly disapproving relatives who watch the action go down. Throughout the show, the cast dons elaborate costumes reminiscent of the fashion the day.

Is The New York Idea Good for Kids?
While the characters continuously ponder trading spouses, there is little that is actually vulgar about the content. Their behavior may have been offensive during their time, but it is fairly tame by today’s standards and meant in good fun. Nevertheless, this subject matter is not likely to appeal to younger kids.