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Old Jews Telling Jokes - Off-Broadway

A new comedy revue that pays tribute to classic jokes and comic songs.


What Is the Story of Old Jews Telling Jokes?
No story: The title of the show explains exactly what happens on stage at off-Broadway’s Westside Theatre. Well, technically, only three of the five Jews telling jokes are old—a pair of young cast members take part in the revelry, which includes comic tales about love, marriage, sex, parenthood, death and every stage of life in between.

Should I See It?

What is Old Jews Telling Jokes Like?
Get ready to laugh—hard!—at 90 minutes of nonstop jokes, with a few songs and comic monologues mixed in. The hilarity never stops, and the humor is often suggestive (sometimes even raunchy) as the “old Jews” make fun of themselves as well as followers of every other religion. A video screen introduces the various themes covered in the show.

Is Old Jews Telling Jokes Good for Kids?
Leave the kids at home and enjoy an R-rated night out with your loved ones and friends. Believe us, you will not want to explain punch lines about sexual performance to anybody who is too young to understand them!