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Orlando TICKETS - Off-Broadway


— Sarah Ruhl's adapts Virginia Woolf's Elizabethan novel for the stage.


Virginia Woolf's Orlando is your typical Elizabethan man: a favorite of the Queen, madly in love with a Russian princess, fleeing an Archduchess and waking up one fine day in Constantinople to find he has become, of all things, a woman. She survives the 19th and 20th centuries grappling with what it means to live fully in the present, in our own skin, in our own gender and in our own time.

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What Is Orlando Like?
Sarah Ruhl’s adaptation of Woolf’s beloved novel is presented in “story theater” form: Three male actors morph into a variety of characters (including Queen Elizabeth I) as they narrate Orlando’s story, which allows much of the book’s rich and distinctive prose to be presented intact. Classic ...

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Classic Stage Company
136 East 13th Street New York, NY