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Other Desert Cities - Broadway

Jon Robin Baitz's acclaimed family drama transfers to Broadway.


What Is the Story of Other Desert Cities?
Set in Palm Springs over Christmas weekend, Other Desert Cities centers on the powerful Wyeth family. Patriarch Lyman, an actor-turned-ambassador during the Reagan administration, and matriarch Polly, a former screenwriter, are set to celebrate the holidays with their adult children. Without informing her parents, daughter Brooke Wyeth, a once-promising novelist, has written a memoir exposing painful family secrets. Her brother, Trip, the creator of a hit TV reality series, tries to stay out of the crossfire as their alcoholic aunt, Polly’s sister Silda, eggs Brooke on. In a series of confrontations, the Wyeths sift through conflicting memories of the past and face serious choices about how to go forward.

Should I See It?

What Is Other Desert Cities Like?
This funny and searing play by the creator of TV’s Brothers & Sisters, which received universal acclaim in its off-Broadway debut, is filled with clever exchanges among family members who know exactly how to push one another’s buttons. Wicked director Joe Mantello guides a cast of award-winning stars who work together in perfect harmony. Indeed, audiences feel as if they’re sitting with the Wyeths in their perfectly rendered mid-century-modern Palm Springs living room. If you crave a smartly written, beautifully acted new American play, Other Desert Cities is the ideal choice.

Is Other Desert Cities Good for Kids?
The play’s adult themes and sophisticated language make it appropriate for older teens and adults.