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Painting Churches TICKETS - Off-Broadway

Painting Churches

— Kathleen Chalfant and Richard Easton star in Tina Howe's comedy.


The Churches being painted are Gardner and Fanny Church, remnants of a once flourishing tribe of Boston blue bloods. Gardner, an eminent poet, has started a graceful descent in senility so his wife Fanny is packing up their Beacon Hill townhouse for a permanent move to their cottage on Cape Cod. Their daughter Mags, an artist who lives and works in New York City, is desperate to paint their portrait before they fade from view, but will they hold still?

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What Is Painting Churches Like?
Tina Howe’s 1983 comedy wins laughs of recognition for its well-drawn characters: larger-than-life mother Fanny, who proudly models a wardrobe of thrift shop hats; absent-minded father Gardner, caught between the two women in his life; and high-strung daughter Mags, who longs to move beyond unhappy ...

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Theatre Row/Clurman Theatre
410 West 42nd Street New York, NY