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Really Really - Off-Broadway

Zosia Mamet and Matt Lauria star in Paul Downs Colaizzo's new drama.


What Is the Story of Really Really?
Can you ever be really, really sure which side of the story is the truth? Such is the dilemma in the new off-Broadway drama Really Really. The show centers around Leigh (Girls star Zosia Mamet), a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who becomes tight with a group of affluent friends at an Ivy League school. The day after a drunken party, Leigh drops a major bombshell, which will destroy lives, plans, love affairs and friendships.

Should I See It?

What Is Really Really Like?
Told over the course over two hours and in two jam-packed acts, Really Really is a contemporary examination of “Generation Me” and the lengths people go to survive. The cast features seven outstanding young actors performing an authentic and haunting script by up-and-coming playwright Paul Downs Colaizzo. Directed by acclaimed director David Cromer, the show’s short scenes fly by, leaving the audience to put the final pieces of the puzzle (which can't be described in detail because of multiple "spoilers") together for themselves. 

Is Really Really Good for Kids?
This is not a show for children. Really Really includes violent and graphic sexual situations, nudity, adult language and adult themes.