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Reasons to Be Pretty

Marin Ireland and Steven Pasquale star in the Broadway premiere of Neil LaBute's play.


The third work in playwright Neil LaBute’s seriocomic look at America’s obsession with beauty (along with The Shape of Things and Fat Pig), Reasons to be Pretty follows what happens when Greg, a warehouse worker, makes an offhand remark about a new coworker’s good looks—and his own girlfriend’s lack thereof. When his accidental insensitivity makes it back to his girlfriend via two married pals from work, Greg’s average, middle-class American life begins to unwind. Meanwhile, the once steely relationships around him prove to be as unpredictable as his own, forcing everyone to reevaluate their perspectives, futures and the people they hold dear.

Should I See It?

What Is Reasons to be Pretty Like?
The play kicks off with one of the most searing (but funny) verbal guttings of a clueless man by an outraged woman ever to hit the stage and continues with an alternately hilarious and heartbreaking trip into modern relationships. The toughest moments make you cringe, but tender, even sweet, interactions reveal there is more going on than what’s at face value.

Is Reasons to be Pretty Good for Kids?
The depths of Reasons to be Pretty’s message and humor will be lost on anyone too young to have ever been in a relationship. Add in an abundance of bad language, some adult situations and one outburst of contained but unexpected physical violence and you’ll find yourself with plenty of reasons to call a babysitter.