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The Revisionist - Off-Broadway

Jesse Eisenberg and Vanessa Redgrave star in Eisenberg's new family-centric play.


What Is the Story of The Revisionist?
The Revisionist is the story of a young science fiction writer named David, who is suffering from writer's block. David journeys to Szczecin, Poland, to stay with his septuagenarian second cousin, Maria, a widowed Holocaust survivor. David expects the change of environment will help him to unblock his creative energy and give him space to revise his new novel. However, the lonely Maria is thrilled by the visit and believes he's staying on to connect with her. As their bond grows, Maria tells David a profound secret about her past that challenges their relationship and teaches them both something about what it means to be family.

Should I See It?

What Is The Revisionist Like?
In Jesse Eisenberg’s play, a clash of cultures and difficulties in communicating take center stage. The Revisionist is a comedic drama about a young American man with a desire to be left alone, and an older Jewish woman with a burning need to connect with her distant family. As David, a selfish blocked writer, and Maria, a 75-year-old Holocaust survivor, Eisenberg and Tony winner Vanessa Redgrave plumb humorous and emotional depths in this one-act drama. Redgrave, in particular, reminds audiences why she is one of the theater's greatest actresses.

Is The Revisionist Good For Kids?
The Revisionist contains adult themes and language that might be inappropriate and/or uninteresting for children. The production may be a good choice for older, mature teens.