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Seminar - Broadway

Jeff Golblum stars in the world premiere of Theresa Rebeck's biting comedy.


What Is the Story of Seminar?
Seminar is a comedy centering on a series of private teaching sessions in which a world-famous writer named Leonard critiques the work of four young aspiring novelists. Set in the New York City apartment of one of the students, the weekly seminars are no-holds-barred affairs in which Leonard spews insults, the students take sides and surprises are in store for every character.

Should I See It?

What Is Seminar Like?
Fast, funny and dark, this single-act play allows stage and screen star Jeff Goldblum to show off his skills at delivering zingers as he goes head to head with students played by four strong younger actors, including movie favorites Justin Long and Jerry O’Connell. Audiences who are interested in the life of a writer will find Theresa Rebeck’s play especially entertaining, but anyone can identify with the student-teacher dynamic in the play. You’ll likely find your sympathy shifting among the characters as this entertaining evening unfolds.

Is Seminar Good for Kids?
No. One character exposes her breasts, all of them engage in frank (and often profane) talk about sex, and insults fly in a manner that kids won’t understand or enjoy. Seminar is for older teens and adults only.