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Sons of the Prophet - Off-Broadway

Joanna Gleason stars in Stephen Karam's new comedy.


What Is the Story of Sons of the Prophet?
Joseph Douaihy, the elder son of a Lebanese family in Pennsylvania, can’t catch a break. Tragedy after tragedy befalls his lower-middle-class clan, and Joseph finds himself living with his younger brother and an elderly uncle while suffering from unexplained chronic pain. In order to get health insurance, he takes a job as an assistant to an eccentric former book editor, who wants to parlay his family’s distant relationship to poet Khalil Gibran into a comeback. When the Douaihy’s latest tragedy becomes a news story involving a local high school sports star, Joseph and his family are forced to test the limits of their forgiveness.

Should I See It?

What Is Sons of the Prophet Like?
The story may sound bleak, but Sons of the Prophet is as much a comedy as a drama, and it manages to avoid any implication of wallowing. Between the relationship of Joseph and his much younger brother Charles, their cantankerous uncle and the endless eccentricities of book editor Gloria, the laughs come fast and furious in this piece.

Is Sons of the Prophet Good for Kids?
Though it’s surprisingly funny considering the subject matter, this one is a little depressing for the younger set. Parents dying, chronic illness, depression, not to mention two men ripping one another’s clothes off on the way (we are led to believe) to bed, make this production a better bet for high school age teens and older.