Soul Doctor: Journey of a Rock-Star Rabbi - Broadway

A true story telling the story of the father of popular Jewish music.


What Is the Story of Soul Doctor?
Soul Doctor tells the powerful story of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, who transformed the face of Judaism with his music and progressive approach to spreading the word. The story follows Carlebach from his childhood in Nazi-occupied Vienna to his education in a traditional Orthodox yeshiva to finding his own voice and founding a youth-oriented temple in San Francisco, the House of Love and Prayer. Along the way, Carlebach finds inspiration from nightclub singer Nina Simone and becomes a top-selling recording artist.

Should I See It?

What Is Soul Doctor Like?
Soul Doctor is a two-act, two-and-a-half hour musical that features non-stop dancing, colorful costumes, an uplifting score and fantastic performances, particularly by its stars Eric Anderson (Shlomo Carlebach) and Amber Iman (Nina Simone). Performed with the audience sitting on three sides of Circle in the Square, the show has one set that transforms from the streets of Vienna to a smoky New York nightclub to Rabbi Carlebach’s religious commune in San Francisco. The score features many of Carlebach and Simone’s hit songs including “Ode Yishama,” “I Put a Spell on You,” “Ki Va Moed” and “You Know How I Feel.”

Is Soul Doctor Good for Kids?
Soul Doctor has one number in which Shlomo Carlebach's followers are hallucinating on drugs, but otherwise there isn’t anything offensive, and families interested in 20th century Jewish history may enjoy seeing the show together. Parents should be warned that a character killed on stage and there are gunshot sounds.

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