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South Pacific - Broadway

Rediscover musical theater paradise at this enchanting Tony-winning revival.


This epic musical romance centers on a group of American sailors and Navy nurses stationed in the South Pacific during World War II. Arkansas native Nellie Forbush befriends and quickly falls for Emile de Becque, a French expatriate and plantation owner, and Lt. Joe Cable finds himself in a passionate affair with Liat, the young daughter of Bloody Mary, the local grass-skirt peddler. As the war against Japan escalates, reality sets in for both Forbush and Cable, who struggle to reconcile their unconventional love affairs with their long-held prejudices and insecurities.

Should I See It?

What Is South Pacific Like?
This is a rare Broadway treat featuring a 30-piece orchestra, old-fashioned singing, majestic sets that literally fool you into thinking the back of the stage stretches into the real South Pacific and more memorable songs than you can shake a shrunken head at. This is one show where adjectives like “sweeping,” “swooning” and “rapturous” are fully applicable. Come see the paradise!

Is South Pacific Good for Kids?
While harmless by most of today’s standards, this is a story about sailors, remember, so there’s lots of talk (and a great song!) about dames. Parents may also want to know that Bloody Mary sets up an implied sexual encounter with her daughter to Cable, although once the lovebirds meet up, it’s far more romantic than anything. Although kids might enjoy the show’s livelier production numbers, it’s ultimately a serious romance, and a three-hour one at that. South Pacific is a destination best suited for more mature kids.