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A Steady Rain

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig star in Keith Huff's two-character play.


Denny and Joey are lifelong friends and partners in the Chicago police force. Denny's settled with a seemingly ideal home life, complete with wife and kids, while Joey lives alone, drinks too much and can't land a girlfriend. In the course of the play, the two men tell their differing takes on a dangerous journey on the dark side of the streets of the city that puts them face-to-face with a serial killer and pushes their loyalties to the limit.

Should I See It?

What's A Steady Rain Like?
The two stars sit on wooden chairs under interrogation-style lights. Although there are scenic representations of the mammoth city behind them from time to time, the show's really just two guys and two chairs. Thankfully, Neil Huff's play doesn't require flash. The script alone is pretty gripping, and told very directly and engagingly by the two working-class men that it centers on.

Is A Steady Rain Good for Kids?
Teenagers could enjoy the show, but youngsters would probably be frustrated by the fact that all the action of the story is talked about, rather than acted out. There's also the issue of language, which is gritty and blunt, and even graphic, racist and sexist when it needs to be. But if you're comfortable with your child watching a typical cop show on HBO, you'll be fine here.