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Ten Chimneys - Off-Broadway

Byron Jennings and Carolyn McCormick star as Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in this new drama.


What Is the Story of Ten Chimneys?
Set in 1938 on a sprawling Wisconsin estate, Ten Chimneys is based on the true story of legendary stage couple Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. The actors, who are preparing to star together in an upcoming production of Chekhov’s The Seagull, invite the cast of the play, including comic actor Sydney Greenstreet, to stay and rehearse at their estate, Ten Chimneys, before setting out on tour. When a young actress named Uta Hagen arrives to play Nina, Lunt is overjoyed, creating a rift between the actor and his wife. As drama ensues and secrets are revealed, the actors’ lives begin to closely mimic the plot of the production they’re rehearsing.

Should I See It?

What is Ten Chimneys Like?
Real-life spouses Byron Jennings and Carolyn McCormick take on iconic stage couple Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in this lighthearted comedy-drama about a summer in the country. With fun facts about The Seagull, stage acting, Uta Hagen and the legendary Lunt family peppered into Jeffrey Hatcher’s clever script, Ten Chimneys is an evening that is both entertaining and educational. Picturesque set design by Harvey Feiner evokes the Lunts’ sun-drenched estate in Wisconsin, a romantic setting for the drama of Ten Chimneys to unfold.

Is Ten Chimneys Good For Kids?
No. Aside from some brief nudity, the production is not inappropriate for little ones, but kids are likely to be bored by the subject matter. Unless your child is a fan of The Seagull or the Lunts, hire a babysitter.