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Triassic Parq - Off-Broadway

A raucous new musical featuring singing, sex and dinosaurs.


What Is the Story of Triassic Parq?
There are many kind of dinosaurs living in Triassic Parq—velociraptors, T-Rexes, something called a pianosaurus—but they are all female. They live together in perfect harmony under the leadership of the Velociraptor of Faith and worshipping “the Lab,” from whence goats and other delicacies are sent. When one of the lady-dinos spontaneously turns male, however, it throws the whole community into a tailspin. Because of this, faith in the all-powerful Lab is challenged and a young, wide-eyed dino (the Velociraptor of Innocence) goes in search of the “banished one,” the Velociraptor of Science, and rocks the foundations of Triassic Parq.

Should I See It?

What Is Triassic Parq Like?
Clever jokes and corny puns are both put to very good use in this over-the-top musical, featureing a brand of comedy that is equal parts crude and campy. While not a direct parody of the novel-turned-film Jurassic Park, the musical essentially takes that story and tells it from the perspective of the dinosaurs in the park, rather than the humans. To get theatergoers in the Parq mood, the theater is set up like a jungle scene, and some lucky (depending on your feelings about audience participation) attendees get to sit on stage with the dinos themselves. Prepare yourself for humor that is more than a little ridiculous—after all, a tall white man in a white suit plays the narrator, “Morgan Freeman.”

Is Triassic Parq Good for Kids?
Not really. This is broad, over-the-top humor, full of double entendre that will probably be lost on young children and seriously crude humor that won’t be lost on anyone. The raunchier bits aren’t appropriate for little kids, and consider if you want to explain the faith vs. science debate and, of course, all that genitalia. Lewd though some of the content may be, it’s nothing that older teens haven’t seen on cable TV, so it should be no problem for them.