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The Two-Character Play TICKETS - Off-Broadway

The Two-Character Play

— Amanda Plummer and Brad Dourif star in Tennessee Williams' drama.


Clare and Felice are two actors on tour who are also siblings. After finding themselves deserted by their troupe and faced with an audience expecting a performance, Clare and Felice enact The Two-Character Play. As they dip in and out of performance, they find it difficult to differentiate themselves from their roles and reality from illusion.

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What Is The Two-Character Play Like?
The Two-Character Play is one of Tennessee Williams’ most experimental and polarizing works. At two hours and 10 minutes, the play features master actors Amanda Plummer and Brad Dourif as the peculiar siblings Clare and Felice, who utilize a bare-bones set and the rest ...

The Two-Character Play Video


New World Stages - Stage Five
340 West 50th Street New York, NY