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When the Rain Stops Falling - Off-Broadway

Victoria Clark returns to Lincoln Center in the American premiere of Andrew Bovell's epic drama.


What Is the Story of When the Rain Stops Falling?
When the Rain Stops Falling is an ambitious, beautifully acted family drama that moves back and forth in time between 1959 and 2039 and takes place in London and various locations in Australia. The seven characters cover four generations tied together by a dark secret. The play touches on themes of parental love and guilt and how secrets continue to affect families over time. There’s also an environmental aspect (with recurring mentions of rain) that’s especially prevalent in the first and last scene, set in 2039.

Should I See It?

What Is When the Rain Stops Falling Like?
A skilled ensemble cast brings this fascinating play to life on a deliberately claustrophobic set with simple furniture pieces that are reused in various locations and time periods. The two female characters are played by pairs of actresses at different ages; at times, the older version sits silently onstage listening to the younger version speak. Although the program includes a family tree to help audiences get their bearings, it isn’t really necessary. By the end of When the Rain Stops Falling (which runs just under two hours with no intermission), the relationships are perfectly clear—and the overall effect is quite moving.

Is When the Rain Stops Falling Good for Kids?
This play is suitable for older teens and adults—the script deals with mature themes, and the shifting time periods would be impossible for young audiences to follow.