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Wild With Happy - Off-Broadway

Colman Domingo stars in his own new work.


What Is the Story of Wild With Happy?
Wild With Happy centers on Gil, a hardened New Yorker who struggles to deal with the arrangements that must be made following his mother’s passing. As Gil remembers his final conversations with his mother, he also faces a big decision: what to do with her body. He clashes with his brash aunt while simultaneously seeking advice from his best friend and a funeral home employee. Gil’s eventual decision also comes with some unexpected discoveries about his life’s path, as well as his own happiness.

Should I See It?

What Is Wild With Happy Like?
On the Public Theater’s intimate LuEsther stage, Wild With Happy runs at a swift 90 minutes (no intermission) and utilizes a small set and innovative props to create the various locations Gil travels to during his quest for answers. Tony nominee Colman Domingo leads the show, while three other cast members pop in and out as a variety of characters. There are musical elements, projections and even a little (unofficially) Disney magic. The show’s eventual finale is also a dazzling can’t-miss for those who have a soft spot for fairy tales.

Is Wild With Happy Good for Kids?
Save for a few curse words, the show may sound friendly enough for children, but the subject matter is far too deep for kids who have not yet had “the talk” with their parents about death. Older children may be able to handle the show’s deep message about death and family, although the darkly comic bits and frequent pop culture references will almost certainly fly over their heads.