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The Winslow Boy - Broadway

Roger Rees and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio star in Terrence Rattigan's classic family drama.


What Is the Story of The Winslow Boy?
The Winslow Boy tells the story of a British family at the turn of the 20th century: intimidating father Arthur Winslow; gentle mother Grace; hard-headed daughter Catherine; dimwitted brother Dickie; and young son Ronnie. When Ronnie is expelled from his naval academy after being accused of stealing a five-shilling postal order, Arthur launches a quest to clear the boy’s name. The legal battle isn’t easy, though, and it comes at a great cost to the family, who question how far Arthur is willing to go to prove Ronnie’s innocence—and whether it’s all worth it.

Should I See It?

What Is The Winslow Boy Like?
Terence Rattigan's 1947 drama explores what a family is willing to do to preserve its good name.Clocking in at two hours and forty minutes, the play has its share of humor, but at its heart it’s a family drama with explosive moments between loved ones. A stellar cast led by Tony winner Roger Rees brings this classic play back to Broadway in a sumptuously designed production.

Is The Winslow Boy Good for Kids?
The complicated family dynamics of this drama make the production best suited for ages 13 and up.